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06 Apr 2016

Mini Montenegro

This tour is taking you to a 7-hour trip across the large part of Montenegrin territory. Starting from beautiful panoramas above Kotor, you will experience the life of a typical Montenegrin village – Njegusi, visit Lovcen mausoleum on the top of the Mt. Lovcen from where you will be able to see about 80% of Montenegrin territory and go to the old royal capital Cetinje. Next stop is Lake Skadar, vast freshwater lake, two thirds of which is in Montenegro. It hosts a thrilling array of wildlife with more than 260 species of birds, traditional fishing villages, islet monasteries and pristine beaches. It has been a protected National Park since 1983 and was added, in 1996, to the World’s List of Wetlands of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention.
Finally, you will visit Budva, where you will have a walking tour and some free time to explore this 2,500 years old town and, on the way back to Kotor, enjoy panoramic views of Budva and the biggest and most spectacular beach in Montenegro – Jaz.


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06 Apr 2016

Lovcen – Cetinje – Budva

National park Lovcen is the most famous for impressive mausoleum dedicated to Petar II Petrovic Njegos, who ruled Montenegro in 19th century and is the greatest poet ever to live in this region. Also, the view from the top, 1660 meters above sea level, provides a great panoramic view of 80 % of Montenegrin territory.
Next stop will be Cetinje, old royal capital of Montenegro. Three christian relics are kept in Cetinje monastery: the Right Hand of St. John the Baptist (the hand that baptized Jesus Christ) and particles of the Holy Cross (the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified).
Also, the icon of The Virgin Mary, known by the name of Our Lady of Philermos which is believed to be painted by Saint Luke, is situated in the Blue Chapel in the building of the Government House.
On the way back to Kotor, you will visit Budva and have a glimpse of lifestyle in the busiest and most popular tourist resort in Montenegro.


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06 Apr 2016

Njegusi – Lovcen

Njegusi is small, beautiful, mountain village well known for being a birthplace of seven Montenegrin kings from Petrovic dynasty and for branded homemade products. Trip to Njegusi enables a fantastic view of entire Boka Bay and its surroundings from many positions and heights. On around 900 m above the sea, Njegusi is situated.
Next stop would be national park Lovcen. On Lovcen mountain is buried Petar II Petrovic Njegos, one of the most significant rulers of Montenegro and the greatest poet ever to be born in this region. In honor to his reign and his brilliant mind a magnificent mausoleum was built from which you can see 80% territory of entire Montenegro.


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