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22 Jul 2015


Budva is a coastal tourist resort and the most visited destination in Montenegro. Known as the party town, Budva has made name for itself on tourist map of Europe. But, nevertheless, this town has a rich history dating back to 5th century b.c and over the centuries was one of the most significant places in this part of Balkan. In Budva you will have a walking tour and free time to explore the  old town.
On the way to Budva there will be a couple of photo breaks for beautiful panoramas including the beach Jaz, the largest and most spectacular beach in Montenegro where some of the biggest world stars such as Rolling Stones and Lenny Kravitz had their performances and which is home for many summer festivals.


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22 Jul 2015


Perast is small, peaceful town and one of the most popular Montenegrin resorts. It is well known for its rich culture, baroque architecture and museums. In Perast, at the end of 17th century was founded the first naval school, in which the Russian aristocrats learned nautics and it was directed by Marco Martinovich.

You will have free time to explore the town and visit the catholic church Our Lady of the Rock built on an artificial island made of 150 sunken ships back in late 15th century. The church contains numerous examples of silver and gold items donated by local sailors in accordance with the popular belief that it will provide them with good luck at sea.

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22 Jul 2015

Sveti Stefan

This tour is going to present you modern and luxurious part of Montenegro. A photo break above Kotor to see two marvelous panoramas of Boka Bay will be the first stop. After that you will be heading to the most famous beach in Montenegro, Jaz, where you will have another photo break. Next stop is Budva, known as the town that never sleeps and as the most visited and popular resort in Montenegro. In old town you will have a walking tour and free time to explore this 2,500 years old settlement.
Finally, you will see the panorama of Sveti Stefan, the most luxurious resort in the country. Situated on a small islet which at first was a fishing village today is a hotel complex rented to Aman resort.


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